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    Double A Bunnies Rabbitry

    Double A Bunnies Rabbitry was Established in April (Easter) 2015. We are a small home town, 72 hole rabbitry, located in Pleasant Hill, MO. We raise Lionhead (Vienna & NON Vienna), Holland Lop (Vienna & NON Vienna) in many different varieties. We strive for clean breeding lines (meaning not mixing colors together that shouldn’t be mixed together. Example: our Vienna is clean of sable and chocolate). We are members of 4H, ARBA, HLRSC, Show Me Holland Club, NALRC, Midwestern Lionhead Rabbit Club, NATRC and West Central MO Youth Club.


    Please review care sheet and sales policy! Require NON REFUNDABLE deposit if baby is not of age to hold. All babies are handled daily. Please see description for price and information about pedigree.

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    Double A Bunnies Thunder $100


    Sable point doe

    Proven but about a year ago. This little lady still feels amazing and in amazing fur condition. She needs a special home! She could be used for showman ship or show. If you able to get babies I want one back in part of the agreement.

    She is missing a lot of info on her pedigree. She is one of the first rabbits produced here. If anything seems off she comes back. She has tried a new home before and she went off feed, she came back and been perfect ever since.

    She does place middle class when shown even at her age. (5/10 in 4/2022)

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    10/26/23 $75

    Sr. REW buck

    (Exposed to a doe)

    Sire: double A Bunnies Patrick (REW) 4 legs

    Dam: double a bunnies Winter (REW) 8 legs + BIS at CCJLA show


    Pedigree: missing infor in two spots in 3rd generation

    Colors: REW, blue, black tort, black


    He wasn’t really having picture day, but he likes 2nd place on the show table. I do have to clean around this face/mouth-noes area before shows but other than that he’s pretty clean. He’s noes and eager to breed!



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    Double a bunnies Sampson $150

    DOB/ 1/27/22

    now registered!!


    Sire: double a bunnies maverick (black)

    Dam: GC ful of grace vision. (Black tort- 6 legs)


    2 jr legs including a 2nd reserve in show leg

    Pedigree- full and complete

    Colors: black, black tort, ss, pointed white


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    Sam as a JR when he won 2nd RIS.



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    Double a bunnies BOB $75


    Proven- but not here or at his last home. Very sweet would love a pet home!


    Sire- hank (broken blue tort)

    Dam: haycraft hoppers #HF4 (broken black tort)

    Pedigree- missing 2 weights in 3rd generation


    Had two legs but unable to locate them at last home. Don’t like to lose anymore, said he’s too old for that shenanigans.


    Colors: black tort, blue tort, black, smoke pearl, sable point



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    Seals Elizabeth $75


    Not proven


    Sire: eight points Brewster (REW)

    Dam: FF phoenix (blue pointed white)

    Full complete pedigree

    Colors: REW, blue pointed white, black pointed white, smoked pearl, sable point, ss, lilac, black tort & orange




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    $1 used litter boxes























  • Connect With Us

    How can we help you?

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    Call/Text (816)686-0916

  • Reviews !!

    Pictures taken from Facebook site.

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  • In Nesting Box!!!!

    These babies will be available around 5-7 weeks for deposit. Ready around 8 weeks. Not all kits will be available for deposit, some will stay here!! Not for Sale at this time, this is just an idea of what we will have available.

    Need to update :)



























  • Who Is Expecting?

    Here is a list of what is to be expected. Does and Bucks that have been exposed. This does not always work out as planned. I use a calendar that I can write on. Yes, OLDFASHIONED.

    Lots of mommas due January!

    stay tuned and wish us luck!!

















  • Rabbit Fertilizer

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    Rabbit Fertilizer

    Donations ONLY!

    Must pick up when I'm available.

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    Sales Policy

    Ready for adoption at 8 weeks or otherwise indicated. Please read before placing a non refundable deposit or picking up your new addition to your family. You agree to sales policy once deposit is made and/or rabbit is picked up. 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold your rabbit. Payment in FULL is required before I drive anywhere to meet buyer (you may be honest, but others have burned that bridge). Venmo or Paypal – Friend and family only or payment will be return until corrected, and your rabbit will NOT be held by deposit until correctly given. If you don’t trust me enough to do this, I wont trust you with my rabbits. We are not for you. Cash is welcome if local pickup.

  • Pet Set Package $50 (cage NOT included)

    $50 includes: 2 bowls (ceramic or clip in), hay feeder (plastic crate only), play ball, 1 gallon size bag of hay, 1 gallon size bag of pine equine pelleted bedding for litter box, clip in litter box, nail clippers, small animal brush, chewing twigs, probiotics and 1 sandwich bag full of transition feed. Resting mat is optional no extra charge.


    These are available with purchase of one of our rabbits at pick up. I will need to be notified. Cage not included.

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    Easy Pet Set-Up Package

    Cage Not Included

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    Please Read

    Read prior to bringing your new friend home. Lots of information that is needed. Reading a few weeks prior to pick up, would be best, to help you get your home set up and everything you need ready to go. See easy set up package If needed, to ease the transition.